Exceptional Solutions in Magnification and Portable Illumination
Lens Comparison

The new standard of lightweight performance.

1/3 the size of conventional optics.

MicroLine TTLs
The lightest and most comfortable custom through-the-lens loupe on the market.
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MicroLine Flip-Ups
New! Micro optics technology with our patented easy-to-use flip up style.
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Solaris mini LED Headlight
The smallest and lightest LED available. 40,000 lux of pure while light powered by an 8 hour rechargeable battery.
(Fits all loupes)
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MicroLine's Advanced Features:

We've listed some of the key features and benefits of the new MicroLine series from PeriOptix.

MicroLine Optilock technology

The Easiest to Use Flip-Ups

The patented Optilock dual point convergence design assures your loupes will always be correctly aligned, and our automatic locking IPD knob allows you to set your interpupillary distance quickly and easily. Once set, your MicroLine flip ups-will always stay at your individualized setting (unlike competitive loupes).

MicroLine Nose Adjust - Adidas frames feature

3-Position Side Arms

Adjustable side arms allow you to adjust the height of the frame and change declination angle, so you have a perfectly fitting loupe.

MicroLine Lens Removal - Adidas Frame Feature

Optional Rx Insert

Prescription corrective lenses can be added to your Adidas Adivista frame. Available in diopters of -5.0 to +4.0 and for Adivista frame only.
*Available on Adivista frame only.

MicroLine Nose Adjust - Adidas frames feature

Adjustable Nose Piece

Two way positional nose pad, assures a comfortable fit.

Lens Comparison

MicroLine Optics Advantage

Our exclusive lens technology enables optics that are less than 1/3 the size of conventional loupes without sacrificing performance. With significantly less weight, MicroLine loupes are the most comfortable loupe system ever!

*Not actual sizes (For comparison only)

LED Accessories

MicroLine mini LED

Add the smallest and brightest LED headlight to your MicroLine loupes for the ultimate loupe-headlight combination. The new MicroLine mini LED delivers 40,000 lux of power at less than 7 gms. Rechargeable battery lasts 8 hours at full intensity.

MicroLine Series

MicroLine Series from PeriOptixOur newest line of loupes and LED lights are the industries smallest and lightest. MicroLine flip ups and TTLs are less than 1/3 the size of other loupes and our LED is the lightest and brightest available.

Check out our new MicroLine Series of TTLs, flip ups and headlights.

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What do the Pro's Say?
Read what leading dental educators have to say about PeriOptix products.

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