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Hogies™ Prescription Lenses

Hogies prescription insert

Hogies offers 3 choices for prescription lens wearers.

1. Many users wear Hogies directly over their existing eyeglass frames. Depending upon the size of your eyewear, Hogies can be worn with or without the supplied safety shield.

2. Prescription lenses can be placed into the Hogies RX model. Many opticians will be able to put your custom lenses into the one-piece aluminum frame. If needed, please contact PeriOptix for labs who can provide this service for you. Be sure to specify the RX model when ordering.

3. The new prescription insert can be added to your Hogies frame system. Magnetic attachment with integrated nosepad can be quickly and easily attached and removed. This is a perfect accessory for those who wear contacts and want the option of prescription lenses.

Note: Many opticians can mount your prescription. For further information, please call us at 1-888-360-0033.

MicroLine Series

MicroLine Series from PeriOptixOur newest line of loupes and LED lights are the industries smallest and lightest. MicroLine flip ups and TTLs are less than 1/3 the size of other loupes and our LED is the lightest and brightest available.

Check out our new MicroLine Series of TTLs, flip ups and headlights.

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Optilock Technology

Optilock™ Technology
Patented, secure alignment found only on PeriOptix flip-ups.

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